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The work in the shelters

Each one of the dog shelter in the city has lots of work to do for those who are willing to help. For example:

1. Communication with animals. Cats and dogs need to communicate with people. However, the people who work there quite often dont have time to do it. So if you are ready to be licked all over, you have to visit a shelter and we would help you to put your positive energy in the right way. Walk with dogs is one of the most wanted job: the dog is happy, you are having a good time, and the stuff of the shelter can spend some time on another useful things.

2. repair and building jobs. All the shelters live only on the donations of the people. You do understand that to build a palace on this money is hardly possible. Because of this the shelter buildings need a constant repair. The same we can say about the kennels and open-air cages. Dogs love to chew the wooden parts of the kennels and to break off the grid. So we always need the right hands to help!

3. help in caring animals. To clean the ears, brush the fur, to cure the wounds — all these is necessary! Even if you dont have any expirience in this we will teach you how to do these easy jobs. You will get all the necessities. BUT! We would never refuse from the things, that you can buy by yourself: ear drops against the tick, Chlorgexidin, after surgery materials, collars againts flees, etc.

4. food delivery to the kennels.You do understand that this job you need to do every day and it is very easy! The food id delivered with buckets to dozen of dogs. So young and full of enery people could come every day to the shelter at 11 am and to help us in this job.

5. snow cleaning. Its very necessery in winter time. You could bring your own shovels — it is never too many of them. Its a great job: fresh air, good company, many lovely dogs around and physical exercises. Its good for the health and good for the mind!

But remember one thing, that before your arrival you need to check with shelter stuff is your visit is convinient for everybody. And also they could chose for you the most needed job to do.

Shelter phone numbers:

City shelter, 8923-245-65-46, Тatyana Borisovna.

Akademgorodok shelter, 8913-959-23-33, Galina Ilyinichna.

VASKHNIIL, 8913-473-18-74, Galina.