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A very interesting fact is that there was not originally wild dogs in Russia, not like in Australia for example. All stray dogs now once in the past was pets and lives with people, or it is the first generation of its offspring. First, they was pets, and not they have been thrown away.

  1. If you noticed that the largest number of stray dogs lives next to private houses, where people lived before but now moves out to the new apartments in the city. In Novosibirsk these are Oktyabrskiy, Dzerzhinskiy, Leninskiy and Kirovskiy districts. People move out, change their homes and leave the dogs behind. The dogs stay out, but its genes and physiology keeps them next to the houses where they lived before.

The same some of the owners do. Over sudden they realized that they cannot look after the dog, bring it up, take the responsibility — and as a result the dog lives on the street, become a stray dog. So the conclusion from these facts is the first reason for a dog to become stray dog is a person.

2. One more reason is uncontrolled birth rate of the animals. The procedure of sterilization is still very not popular in Russia. Lots of people have doubts, caused by lack of information about the usefulness of this method. There are lots of myths about sterilization which have nothing to do with the reality. So, the owners would better exhaust the dog with pregnancy, birth and feeding the puppies, and after this the question is: what to do with posterity? Some of the owners drawn the kittens and the puppies, the others through them out on the street, increasing the number of stray animals. Lots of people prefer to give unwanted posterity away to the people who would like to take them home, but many times those «kind people» also get rid of animals by throwing them out. So we have one more reason for a stray dogs — irresponsible people’s attitude to their pets! And even the fact that hospitals of preferential sterilization are working in Novosibirsk, and the prices are from 400 to 1000 rubles, which is not a lot.

3. There are lost animals amongst the stray animals. In most developed countries chip system is used to prevent the dog to get lost. It’s absolutely safe procedure, when the chip with all information about the owner (name and address) gets under the dog’s skin. All veterinary clinics have scanners to get this information into the computers, so to find the lost animals is not a problem. This system also is used it Russia but only for the animals who are transported to another country through the border, which proves the effect of this method. In Novosibirsk only one clinic can offer to put a chip on your dog, it is Urban service on preventive maintenance and treatment of animals. But the scanners for reading the information from the chips are adjusted in several veterinary clinics. Unfortunately, the urban authorities are not in rush to bring up in people the urge for the responsible attitude towards animals. That’s why the chip system as the best way to prevent animals to get lost is not popular at all. So the owners should be very careful so that the dog would not get lost and should know what to do if an animal got lost. Like one of the ways you can put on the dog’s collar a note where you can put the name of the dog, your address and the phone number.

Please find more about how not to let the number of stray animals increase by effective and human method.