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How can you help homeless animals?

How often when you see dogs or cats in the street you want to help them and you don’t know how exactly you can help? This situation always occurs. And when you don’t know how you can help, you feel yourself helpless. Because of it we would like to tell you how you can help homeless animals.

Dogs and cats have the same strategy of behavior, you should know how you can communicate with cats and dogs and how they react to your action. You can read about it more details: How to understand the signal sending from animals to you.

Some situation when animal need for your help and you should act immediately:

  1. An animal is hit by car (or animal is injured), if he is lying on the side of the road, crying and can’t change its position or if he tries to budge hardly. Firstly, if you have witnessed of the incident you should overcome the shock and try to remember a vehicle number. Secondly, try to close to the animal that it can see you. If you close from behind you can frighten it. In third, find a car and take this animal to nearest veterinary clinic. There are phone numbers and addresses of veterinary clinic in section Partners. Doctors from these clinics can help you in emergency situations at discount prices. Even if an animal lets itself stroke, you should bandaged dog’s face because of animal is in shock situation can’t control himself. If animal can move without any help, you should put on muzzle and leash (will be enough rope with a loop) or you should take an animal for the skin close to the ears and gently, but confidently put it in the car. If animal can’t move, try to put under it a carton box or a piece of plywood, for example, from the nearest disposal dump, or gently take the animal under the front and rear legs. After that you should take it to animal doctor. You can call people for some help. Main things are resoluteness and a desire to save animal when you want to help. It is easy to resolve other problem.
  2. Dog is lost and can’t find its owner. Call the god quietly. If a dog comes to you can see phone number on its collar. After that you should call to her owner and try to hold it close with you. If dog is quiet you must see dog’s stomach and ears, probably you can find a mark. If there is mark on ear or stomach please call 8913-918-11-10, describe situation and dictate the mark. If isn’t any mark on its ear and stomach you should go home and call to all clubs in a district where you saw a dog. May be an owner called in clubs, too. If you can take dogs in you house, please do it. It helps to increase the chances of finding an owner. Main things are resoluteness and a desire to help. All inconveniences are temporary. And when you know that you save animal you will inspire.
  3. Animal lives in your yard or in cellar. You know this animal and you want to help. This animals need to help too. You and other people sympathizing this dog, give some food. It is boot but it is not enough! One day they will have progeny. And you will find solution of this problem. You can’t solve this problem feeding them. May be you can take animal in your home and lead by example to people who can only sigh and show false compassion. You know that this animal will be the best friend, you now that it will correct action.

If you don’t want to take animal in your house, sterilization will be the best solution. Firstly, you prevent health problem which occur with homeless animals and which nobody will decide if animal live in yard. Secondly, you prevent problem of increase amount of new animals. If amount of new animals will increase, your neighbors can call capturing. And they can do it earlier then you can find owners for them. In third, you will prevent these events. In the fourth, you will stop noise from animals. You can read more about sterilization in section Sterilization is proven and effective method. Main things are resoluteness and a desire to help again.

You can read more details in section Sterilization is a proven and effective method.


Phone numbers of discounted sterilization Partners. You should call before taking the animal to the clinic.

Find helpers for the transportation of dogs: http://forum.ngs.ru/board/petshelp и http://forum.academ.org/index.php?showforum=421.

You can ask guestions form.