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The dog shelter in Akademgorodok

This shelter works since 1998. From 2005 the shelter is under the guardianship of Regional social organization "The animal´s right to live«.The shelter lives because of member´s and other people´s donations.

Members of this RSO and their helpers regulary catch the animals, sterilise and cure them. Then they put the animal in the shelter for the further rehabilitation, and look for the good owners.

At this present moment the shelter can not help all the animals, but only to stray animals and lost animals. The reason for it is that the area of the shelter is not big enough, and also that there are no heated areas in the shelter, where weak animals and puppies could be placed. And all these is because of not enough funds.

You can read more about the shelter in Akademgorodok and its history on the web site «Your choice!».

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