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Born to be happy?

Do you remember the story of little toy-terrier? He was found in Trolleyniy district... We was looking for the owners for him about 10 days, put the announcements on different forums, in Vkontakte, where Lena found it. Thanks a lot to her, to take the little one home. Do you know how many people gave us a call asking to give them a dog?... Fifty four!

Fifty four people wanted to take this dog home! Three of them was sure that its their dog but could not say exactly which colour is the dog and what was it wearing that day. But they insisted and pushed a lot, and after our refusal started to be rude and arrogant. Re-sales.

We will consider, that fifty one person was ready to take the dog home, take all the responsibilities for its health and well-being. Fifry one people in 10 days! Every second person I asked a question: would you like to take a small dog from the shelter? Not the toy terrier, but another small dog. Its less worries, it has a stronger immunity, it behaves home well. Please, take it! In response I got silence or bewilderement or even angree words. Maybe, thought, that under the toy terrier story we wanted to advertise our shelter animals. What did I hear? For example:

— oh, no! It does not have a pedigree — we dont need that.

— what are you talking about?! We want a toy terrier. If we would like a dog from the shelter, we would call for one, no?

— is it toy terrier as well?

— well, if it has a pedigree I would like to have a look.


Thats a story.

Тhe same happens when we give an announcement of other thoroughbred dogs. Once we tried to give Staffordshire terrier away. Identical situation. Tens of phone calls with pitty and the will to look after the dog. Thats very well, but why about the Staff? We have hundreds animals, who need care, who also can be thankful, loving, faithful, funny, serious, sincere. It would be anything for you! Just have a look in the shelter, look into their eyes and break your own models, the dog is a part of you! Lets be honest here, when we are talking about the pedigree, the dog itself goes on the second place. Whats on the first? Pride, ambition, fear to be misunderstood by others, fashion, that changes every two years, and what after?

My friends often ask me, whether I like the movie «Hatiko». Its a great movie, heart-breaking and strong. But I am sure that after the movie people will eager to get a dog of akita pedigree, without knowing its features and difficultes. Every second stray dog in Novosibirsk is Hatiko! Do you think they live on the streets cause they like it? No. Their owners moved out and left its «hatiko» behind. Where to put it? To the flat? For the flat they will take a normal dog, if they need. Shut the gate, close the windows down, take the dog off the chain, get in the car and leave. How is that? And how the dog will understand that its being left out, that its forever, that its owners will never come back? It will stay in the place where it have being fed, strokes, loved. Where home was. Till it dies. Because every day it will wait. Every day of its stray life it will wait, wait and wait! WAIT! All these three or five years that it will be able to live on the street. All these thousand days, eight hundred of which will be snowing, raining, freezing, days of random kicks and pokes, days of hunger and despair. But this dog will not be around those people who was next to Hatiko. Five years. In human time it is 35 years. 35 years of waiting. Is it not story good enough for the movie or a book? Or just for a simple respect and compassion.

We know that the owners will not come back. Such people do not come back. They are fine. Thanks that they didnt give a dog to the catchers. And its animal defenders fault, they refused to take a dog to the shelter, said its over booked.

So, next time, when you pass by the stray dog on the street: dirty, unsightly, big, small, STRAY, imagine its story. Its own story of the human betrayal... And there are thousands stories all over the city. In each story are dog feelings, naive, tolerance, despair and a question WHY? To be honest, they dont ask this question. They just live their 35 years of faith. In each story is dog Life.

But you feel sorry for akita, are you? The work of the director is brilliant and the dog is very pretty. And the kids, after the movie, ask Mum and Dad to get akita, and after «101 dolmatians», they ask for a dolmatian, and the gilrs want Chihuahua, as Paris Hilton has one. And 10 years ago it was a saint bernard after «Beethoven», and 20 years ago it was scottish collie after «Lassie»... Someone’s opinion, a picture, admire are stronger than a good action and the truth. And the truth is that the most important in the dog is a dog. The spots on the fur, the length of the tail, the shape of the head and the price are not.

To be kind is very uncomfortable. You always need to prove your own significance: the car, clothes, the phone, the dog. You can never relax. You dont have time for honesty and for the soul. Its competition. If you dont have a good pedigree yourself, your dog should have one? Or your cat?

In Europe people choose a dog without pedigree from the shelter more often. Its better their with a compassion, its easier. If you choose a dog to love why the pedigree matters? The pedigree dog is good for some purpose, for work, as they have a certain and fixed ammount of qualities. And the dog to love its just a dog. Its just a friend. Everything is clear.

If tomorrow you would like to take a dog, please have a look at our animals, pass by the shelter. Look into the dog’s eyes, that sits next to the shop. How much expirience, life and content it has! Try it! And it would be a strong, honest and human decision.

By the way that toy terrier lives with Katya. Its name is Tosha. They sleep, eat, walk and watch TV together. Katya says that Tosha is very clever dog with its tastes. It was very fast to understand how to get an apple or a chocolate. It will be fine. Katya’s mum fall in love with it from the first sight. And this is the most important! And its good. Thanks a lot!

We live by your good actions. Your good actions save lifes to those who could of die.

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