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How a Siberian Cinderella became an Italian princess

The story we’re going to tell you is wonderful and unbelievable. Take a comfortable pose and read.

It started on 22 August 2012, when we got a call about a dog starving, exhausted, with ulcers all over body and tumors on breast. About a dog, which sometimes was disoriented, vomited, and finally didn’t give a hope to get better. We called her Alma. Alma got a happy ticket. Doctors of «Sirisus» clinic could pull it through and we could pay for its therapy — with YOUR help.

And except of this, one more thing happened. Now our Alma is living and enjoying life or foreign citizen in beautiful Italy. Siberian Cinderella became Italian princess. How?! — you’ll ask. This happened through Tania girl who at that time found something in an ugly skinny pooch. Tania even took her home for some time. At the first day it was found that Alma doesn’t have any idea of toilet outside. What usually happens in this case? We get this dog with indictment, abuse and threats to throw her back outside. But Tania took it so calmly, moreover, she said that if Alma got to her house, there’s nothing like making a complaint to us.

And in a couple of weeks Tania reported that she’s gonna move to Italy soon. «Oh, such a good overexposure is gonna be closed» —we thought. But no! Tania decided to take Alma with her. Said — done. And Tania’s Italian husband told that if this dog was staying with her, if this love is mutual then in their house there’s always a place for Siberian pooch. Sweet man, come to visit us — we’ll treat you with pancakes!

So, making documents took several weeks of running around. Alma has been eating out during this time, enjoying life and couldn’t even suppose that fate will throw her to another end of the continent.

Of course, planes scared Alma a lot. At Tolmachovo airport everything was alright — they registered fast, without any problems. But in Moscow, at Domodedovo it became clear that they can’t reach the plane in time because of bureaucratic difficulties and just foolish system. They had to run all over the airport carrying a dog in cage, and that made a dog confused and shocked. The entrance for flight had to be opened again, so in last minutes — they got in time! Tania believed that everything was done, only when Alma stepped on Italian ground.

And Alma, who was a skinny dying dog just half of year ago, now lives in a big house, strolls on her own lawn, walks down Turin’s streets, enjoying life of a dog in Europe. And there you can really enjoy it. There, for example, a dog owner can go with his dog to a shop and even to big mall. You don’t have to leave it at home or at shop’s entrance. There are restaurants, where you can easily come with your dog and enjoy this wonderful feeling of freedom because you are not only one who loves animals and you can feel proud of your favorite one, which is closer and closer to become a competent member of society.

What about our Alma? After her wandering outside, she especially appreciates that now he has HOUSE! Real, her own, big! She prefers to spend most of time there. And when the weather is good — it’s nice to run on grass. Alma took a role of guard, so she found herself. It’s very important for every human being, especially for a dog! So this miracle happened to Alma — thanks to Tania. Do you think that you can’t do the same? Do you think that if you are going to Italy, there’s no reason even to think about your pet? Believe us, for Alma it doesn’t matter if she lives in Italy, France or Siberia. For her only thing that matters is that she is with Tania! In any corner of the Earth. Every day, every hour any of YOU can make a MIRACLE. You just have to venture, leaving all the excuses and conventionalities. It’s only a question of choice. So let an exploit be planned by you for every day!

Dear Tania, THANK you! Wishes of long and happy life for you, for your husband and for Alma.

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