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Example to follow!!!

This news was told us by our colleague Evgenia Pipipenko.

«Dear leader of group «Animal liberty!» Representatives of 16 Gymnasium — Arina Osipova and Milena Golubeva — visited veterinary shop «33 dogs» today. They organized in Gymnasium whip-round — 1790 rubles, toys and feed for our animals.

We become very happy when we see deals like that. Once famous professor Vasiliy Kliuchevskiy said: «It’s hard to lead to the kindness by lecture, but it’s easy by example». It is good example how we can teach our children be kind.

We are very happy that people as Arina and Milena exist and that they could explain children for what they do it!!! We should help those whose life depend on our help. THANKS! And we hope that a lop of people will follow to this example.

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