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Who's this bunny?

Introducing something unusual!

Look at this beautiful dog! Look at this touching and funny creature! This little looks for owners. It is little, as cat, washed and cute. Do you recognize? No? Can you look hard?

This is our Bunny unny from unfortunate flat. Now we can look in its eyes, see real color of his hair and we can stay near and don’t knit ours nose. It is due to our good friend and hairdresser — Elena Rivvo! THANKS!

What about our Bunny? It is 4-5 years old. Bunny has dysplasia of stifle and coxa, because it ate bad. It goes slowly and shuffles its feet. Communication with people it is shock for it. We think that in former live nobody take it in arms; because of it Bunny is very careful.

We need patience and persistence if we want to teach it goes to toilet. This is quite achievable. Now, Bunny looks for patience loving owners.

We don’t promise you a domestic pet, which will bring slippers and a wag the tail just because you are here. No. This case is different. You should put his heart and soul.

We also sincerely thank Natasha Sokolova зfor the delivery animals to haircut and Egor, who made some great photos!

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