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Beautiful cat was found!

Some days ago this beautiful cat was hit by car. Young man brought cat in veterinary clinic «Sirius» and even paid the initial appointment. THANKS! It has no fractures. The cat has not been neglected urolithiasis. It is fixable. Cat in shocked, but eats and goes to the toilet. It is good!

The cat is young, well-groomed, endearing. Traditional color. The cat was found in the Kirovskiy district, Bronnaya street. We want to find owners! Please, repost this announcement.

Now, debt is 1076 rubles. If you have the opportunity to help us to pay this amount, you really help us! This can be done as follows:

1. Transfer money from your card to our Sberbank Card:

Number of our card: 676196000155043475.

2. Transmit to Yandex money 41001516662995.

3. Transfer money to Alpha-bank card. Account number 40817810908010026778, Bank identification code 044525593, Correspondent account 30101810200000000593, Recipient — Aleshina Margarita Nikolaevna.

4. Transmit to pet shop «33 dogs» Nemirovicha-Danchenko 142, «For Kuzia!».

5. Meet in person 8952-925-0309 or 287-26-32.

6. Transfer the money to a veterinary clinic «Sirius», «For Kuzia».

7. Transfer money to our BIN-Bank account. Name of our organization: Novosibirsk City Society Animal Liberty (Новосибирское городское общественное движение «Права животных»)

Tax reference number 5402523779

KPP code540201001

Operating account 40703810920000000013

Bank identification code 045005813

Correspondent account 30101810500000000813

Branch of BIN-Bank in Novosibirsk.

Chairperson — Osochenko S.E.


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