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Jan looks for home urgently!

This is Jan, hi is half-breed shepherd and pit bull. He is very beautiful, adequate and clever dog! He always was domestic dog, but now in his life is difficult period — the owner wants to put down him. Former owner died and now Jan lives with old parents. They can’t walk with him, because he is very strong.

But, when we walked with him, he sat quietly. Owners love him, but want to put down him!

We have little time! Now they pay money for walking with him, but they haven’t enough money!

Jan urgently needs temporary home! Unfortunately, Jan can’t live with other dogs and on a leash, because he is home god. Can you help Jan?

We hope that he will find new home. He doesn’t like cats and little dogы.

Jan is 4 years old (13 July).

8-903-935-00-19 Olga.

8-913-957-31-11 Ekaterina.

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