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The man and the Spaniel

Attention! We’ve just got a titled roomer. English Cocker Spaniel. We’ve given him a name of Daniel! This story deserves attention and is a good example. A few time ago Helena, participant of our group saw the ad about golden Retriever which was staying at Trapping and euthanasia of animals service. He was staying there for a long time and nobody was picking him up. Many people read this ad, but only Helena decided TO DO. She called Trapping service but they refused to give her the Retriever — only to owners they said. But also added that there was a Spaniel staying there for 2 weeks till now and nobody was looking for him as well.

Helena was not discussing or having doubts, hoping for something that might never happen, she just came there. Helena, we are thankful from the bottom of our souls for this simple but so strong step. This is how we got Daniel. Sweetest English Cocker Spaniel, gentle, calm and kindly. He looks about two years old. And of course he is domestic. He travels by car quietly and with a great pleasure. He stretches to a full height on the snow.

We don’t know if he was lost or kicked out. But if he has RESPONSIBLE owners, who don’t know what to do with themselves because of his loss, if they accept their mistakes and will do EVERYTHING so he won’t disappear again, than we are ready to return him. But currently he is at clinic on therapy. Alexander Michailovich checked him — the guy is healthy, although there’re classic Spaniel problems with his ears — it’s their weak place and you have to know how to take care of it. There’s no any other problem.

That’s why we ask you to distribute this information wide as possible and pay attention to the ads about Spaniels missing. Maybe we can find his owners. If not, than «Animal liberty» will give him to new owners by contract with a condition to check how he’s doing and how’s his health. So in next couple of days he’ll need a support. That’s why we ask everybody who’s ready to give a house to this charming boy, to let s now by phone: 8952-925-03-09 or write in this topic.

In several days we’ll put Daniel right — because his hair is partly crumpled and sticked together on his ears. He will be a prince and a handsome! We’ll also need a material help for his keep.