Последние новости

Last Saturday we visited City Shelter. We thank Ksusha for organization the trip. She asked men for help, because we needed manpower. Men and women responded to this call and went to Shelter!

The weather and mood were good!

At first sight there was not so much work — haul roofing slate and boards. We want to say THANKS to all men, and especially to Sergey Vasiliev, who leaded other men. All men had positive mood and they did all work, which was offered to him.

Girls did very interesting and important work — walk with dogs and cleaning cages. Due to us the 1st walk of puppies Shani, Birma and Botsman. Girls did it with pleasure and passed this good moody to other animals. Puppies socialization is very important. It was only the 1st step on the way to huge world of people.
Because of it City Shelter needs volunteers, who want to socialize animals, but you should remember that it is very responsible work. Finally Sveta and Julia gave cookies to dogs and they waged tails.

It was very positive trip! And we want to thank people who were with us.

If you want join with us and charge good mood from our four legged friends and do a lot of good deeds — WELCOME! Follow the news in our group and we will go to other shelter again!!!