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Anti-help... How NOT to make shelter´s life more difficult, if you want to help

We talk a lot about how to help shelters: put announcements to news papers, write about it on our web site, talk about it during our programs. Many people call us with help offers. All this make us happy and give us power, but we found out that many people do not realise, what shelter means and what it needs.

At first, any shelter needs financial support — it is very pragmatic, but it is true. We live in such time when everyone expect something bad and some lies, so many people prefer to help with some practical things: food, wood, clothes, etc. So they will feel safe that their help goes straight to animals. However, a shelter have monthly payments that they need to do: electricity and water bills, salary for the workers (very small, but they can not pay their stuff with food and wood), purchasing medicines for animals, garbage transportation, purchasing wood, etc.

Animals, who got to a shelter, first get a doctor search, because in most cases animals need a doctor help. Of course during their work, shelters have discounts and special deals with many organizations, but nevertheless, they still need to pay with money and not with old blankets.

Adult female dogs and cats have an obligatory sterilization. In average, this surgery and after surgery treatment for one dog comes to 1500 rubles, cat — 1000 rubles, male cat castration — 500 rubles, male dogs do not get castrated.

For all animals they need to get anti flees collars. The cost each one of them — 700 rubles. There are collars much cheaper, but they need to change them every month, and in this situation it is bit suitable. But the «good» collars will serve all season.

It is always necessary money for the reparation of the building, refrigerators, heating system — kind of an oven which get the cages warm and on which they cook. Always some building work on open-air cages is necessery, and this means some materials and work for people.

We all live in a new technology World and it is easier to solve problems by mobile phones. So the mobile phones is also quite dear point.

Animal delivery to a shelter also needs money — taxi payment, or petrol payment for people, who use their cars to transport the animals.

And this is only the necessary minimum of payments, without food purchasing, tools, building materials, collars, toys, leads, plates, post surgery materials, etc.... All this is a material that does not take lots of time, and they need to renew it all the time.

Take it from me, please...

Some people in their desire to help make even worse. They donate old pots and pans, refrigerators that 30-40 years old, old nails, destroyed carpets and pillows.

Many of us has this habit... Whe we feel sorry to throw old things away, we put them to the storage room, then on the balcony, then to the garage, then transport them to the summer house, and then.... to the shelter. So not to throw away and to make a nice thing! But this is anti-help, because people who work in shelter do not have time to clean old pots and pans, they will dedicate this time to dogs, as they need attention constantly.

People who work in shelter get rid of old stuff so to empty the space that they need by them selves or they need to call a garbage transportation company. And all this cost money for petrol or to pay these services. For example, now in the shelter of Akademgorodok there are a «cemetery of old refrigerators», that wait to be demolished. So before you will donate anything to a shelter ask yourself a question can this thing help to a shelter or it is easier to get rid of it?!

Finding the second life

Some thing find a «second life» in a shelter:

Old faded carpets become a good warming materials for kennels in a winter period and serve well to animals.

The pieces of linoleum, that left after the repairing could be used as a roof cover material, they prevent from rain and humid, also can be used as a floor cover material in open-air cages and in a shelter building. But it does not mean that pieces less than 1 sq. m. would be good for that.

Old news papers make cleaning of the cages easier and good to make fire in the ovens.

How to who to give the money for the shelter:

1. You can make a bank transfer on the account of organization «Animal´s right to live».

Bank details:

INN 5408232624 KPP 540801001

Account 40703810400430000234

Novosibirsk branch ОАО «Bank Moskvi»

correspondent account 30101810900000000762

BIK 045004762

2. To come over and to give money personaly to the director of the shelter, previously to call:

Klebche Galina Ilinichna, animal defend organization «Animal´s right to live» and director of the shelter in Akademgorodok, 8 913 959 23 33.

Palkina Tatiana Borisovna, city animal defend organization, City central shelter, 8 923-245-65-46.

If you would like to help NOT financially:

  • Put some balance money on the mobile phones of directors.
  • To pay petrol for people who help with animal transportation. Contact details you can find out through the directors or by the phone 287-26-32.
  • To pay a truck or pay work for the workers, to get rid of the garbage or to deliver a building materials.
  • To call and find out which medicines are necessery at this moment and bring them.
  • To pay for the sterilization of the animals.
  • Leave some money for the clinic for some urgent operations with general aim «Treatment».
  • To come over to the shelter and help: clean the cages, walk with dogs, give food, clean the snow, to warm the kennels.

Help to the shelters, this is important! This is necessery!

What is the difference between the shelter and animal protecting organization, what we need and what we spend, why we need help and how to help us, you can find out from the article «-Hello, is it a shelter? -No! -Strange, its written here, animal defending organization...»

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